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Monday, July 1, 2013

Case Study on Thamel Dot Com

Thamel.com is ecommerce based company serving the diaspora Nepalese community by defining a new way of online business. TDC has developed local solutions to local problems with increased local product development and sales, and has attracted and retained customers by localizing its online content. The company has also expanded markets for local vendors, and has encouraged the establishment of new businesses.

No creation in this world is a solo effort. For completing this case study successfully we have got help from many people. We are grateful to the persons and our friends who have helped us to accomplish this project by giving us proper guidance and required materials. In particular we would like to thank:
  • Mr.Rajan Karmacharya, our lecturer for giving us the ideas to perform the system study.
  • Mr.Balkrishna Joshi of Thamel.com for giving us the permission to study the overall process of the company and providing information we needed.

Lasang Jimba Tamang
Rojina Maharjan
Subash Poudyal
Vijaya  Kumar Pandey
Ujjwal Panthi

(Case Study on Thamel Dot Com as per the partial requirement of BSc.CSIT VI semester Presentation Slides:)

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